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the families and bring you the enfire story tonight at 11:00. reporting live in redwood city, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, cheryl. now new information on the bizarre murder of a san jose man found stabbed to death in his apartment at a senior living community this week. his body apparently there for a month and missed by multiple people including investigators. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live in south san jose at the hilltop manor senior apartments to display how this happened. marianne? >> reporter: janelle, not only did relatives and police miss the body, but on february 26 managers here investigated the apartment and also did not find stanley jacobson's body. neighbors here at the senior apartments in san jose say they're saddened to know the man known as the magician was murdered in his home. this is the woman accused of stabbing him to death,
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46-year-old regina butler. neighbors describe her as his girlfriend. police say they've been investigating her on suspicious of defrauding jacobson out of insurance money. he had early stage dementia. his granddaughter reported him missing and ultimately found him in his apartment hidden beneath a pile of linens and blankets. she had been to the home three times since her grandfather had gone missing. >> based on the investigation of what we know right now, we believe he was murdered early february, probably between february 5 and the 8th. >> reporter: investigators believe the body was repeatedly missed despite the fact several people had been inside the apartment including the missing person's unit of the san jose police department. >> you say you had investigators come in and they didn't find anything and it's odd no one smelled anything, a month, even covered over in clothes, a human body has a bad odor when it's
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dec decaying. you would think someone would have smelled something. >> reporter: when asked how the missing person's unit missed the body, sergeant jason dwyer says the investigators did what they were supposed to do, photograph the apartment. >> in viewing the photos, it's fairly obvious any normal, reasonable person would have done a cursory search as they were basically required to do and not many people would have found this body. it was underneath a lot of clutter. >> reporter: neighbors here who helped look for jacobson the past month 0 never suspected he was gone forever. today management here handed out flyers to the residents reassuring them this was an isolated crime and that this hilltop community is safe. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. san jose police also have a suspect in custody in connection with wednesday's homicide. police arrested vincent in connection with the killing of 27-year-old eric wright. wright's body was found at
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guadeloupe oak grove. the park is located in a quiet neighborhood where violent crime is unusual. wright was found with multiple stab wounds. within the last few hours an engineer has been found guilty in the shooting death of his former bosses. this afternoon a santa clara county jury convicted wu of fatally shooting three executives at the semiconductor startup siport. it took place hours after wu had been fired. wu's attorney says his client experienced a psychotic flashback due to abuse he suffered from communism in had his native china. prosecutors argued it was an act of revenge. now the same jury that convicted him must decide whether he was too mentally ill to be held legally responsible. if he's found insane, wu will be sent to a state mental hospital. if not, he'll be sentenced to life in prison without parole. not guilty, that's the plea from the san jose man accused of trying to bomb an oakland bank
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as part of a plot. matthew faces federal charges for allegedly trying to bomb a bank of america branch in oakland last month. police say they arrested him just after he tried to detonate the bomb. a bomb he did not realize was fake. it was created under the supervision of an undercover fbi age agent. if convicted, he faces life in prison. a new proposal was introduced today. mark leno draft add bill that would require both san francisco and san mateo counties to pass a resolution before a gun show could be held at the cal palace or another county venue. t this isn't the first attempt. then governor sthaeg schwarzenegger vetoed a similar b ban. san jose mayor chuck reid says improving public safety is a top priority as his city's finances improve. he released his march budget message n. it he explained what he wants to do with the limited amount of new funding available in the upcoming budget cycle.
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among his recommendation, he wants to increase the number of police officers and firefighters on 0 the streets. reid is also recommending pay increases for veteran police officers to keep them on the force. it's considered a landmark for fans of california cuisine but tonight is close. the famed berkeley restaurant that is owned by legendary chef alice waters whose fans include foodies, famed olympians and even the first lady of the united states. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez spoke with the chef today about the damage done and what comes next. she joins us live with the latest. jodi? >> reporter: alice waters says she'll do all she can to reopen her beloved restaurant as quickly as possible. tonight demolition crews are already here cleaning and boarding up the restaurant. well, the owner makes plans are for the restaurant's future. >> people like to sit there for their birthdays and
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anniversaries. >> reporter: an emotional alice waters says she is crushed. the front of her world famous restaurant is in charred ruins. fire broke out under the porch of the downstairs dining room at about 3:00 this morning. destroying the restaurant's facade. >> it's no longer there. it's gone. it's a piece of art that has been taken. >> reporter: firefighters say they're still trying to pinpoint the exact cause but say their primary focus is electrical wiring that controls the restaurant's heating and lighting. customers, foodies and neighbors say they're stunned. >> it looks a lot worse than what it does online and on tv. so i was taken aback. >> it's shocking. again, this is a berkeley landmark and to consider it not being here is hard to swallow. >> reporter: these women traveled a long way to eat here.
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they couldn't believe what they found when they finally arrived. >> well, i came across the country to come here. it was on my bucket list to come here for lunch today. so we were very shocked when we came here and found it burned. >> reporter: for waters, it's devastating, but she's determined to rebuild. >> we'll just put them together and figure out how to make it better than it was. >> reporter: now waters told us this morning that she had hoped to reopen the upstairs portion of the restaurant by next weekend. she has now canceled all reservations through march 23rd. the demolition crews tell me they need at least ten days to clean up the restaurant. incidentally they've been told to use all natural products, no chemicals inside the famous farm to table restaurant. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. thanks, jodi. still ahead at 6:00, millions misspent. another california agency under
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fire tonight for fiscal mismanage. what they're accused of keeping from from you. >> reporter: i'm scott budman in downtown san jose where the minimum wage is about to kick up to $10 an hour. coming up, why the city is still debating whether that's a good idea. >> coco has been wanting a baby and essentially asking for a baby for many years. >> a rare look inside the life of coco, the famous signing gorilla who lives in the hills above wood side. coming up, how her dream of having a baby could ultimately lead to a new plan. and watching a windy and cool evening around the bay area outside right now 0. we have 40s and low 50s, skies starting to clear setting the stage for a big-time warm-up that will arrive for the weekend. we're talking 70s for several days ahead in your seven-day forecast.
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starting monday, thousands of workers are about to get a boost in their paychecks. the minimum wage is about to jump by $2 to $10 an hour. voters approved it but some critics believe it could lead it to job cuts for small businesses. scott budman is live in downtown san jose where one business is already paying the new wage. scott? >> reporter: you're right, janelle. for most businesses here in san jose the $10 an hour minimum wage doesn't kick in until monday. we got an inside look at one company already paying. at pizza my heart, they're experimenting. the new $10 an hour minimum wage officially goes into effect monday, but it this restaurant is already giving out the extra dough. the owner figured, why wait? >> happy employees. an extra buck in their pocket an
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hour makes a difference. most of these guys are in school and they can use extra money. >> reporter: the increased dollar figure comes because of measure "d" which raises the minimum wage. city businesses and politicians admit they don't yet know the lo long-term results of the $2 an hour bump. >> we'll lose some jobs, somewhere between 500 and 1,000 jobs probably will disappear because as people make adjustments, some will pass it on to their customers and some will restructure their workforce. >> reporter: the pizza is still moving fast here, an indication of the strong silicon valley economy. it hits the bottom line a bit, but this chain is ready to move beyond the shouting. >> there was a lot of bluster and there was a lot of we're all going to go out of business. you know what, pizza is here 27
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years ago, pizza is here today. pizza is going to be here ten years from now. so it can all work out. >> reporter: and along the way these employees get a slightly bigger slice of the pie. statistics flying around on this, uc berkeley ran the numbers on the minimum wage hike. they're guessing it may bring in as much as $190 million to the san jose economy. they say it's because employees will be making money and carrying less debt n. san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. okay, thanks so much, scott. oakland police believe they've made progress in efforts to dismantle a notorious street gang. police gave us this video taken during a series of early morning raids. officers arrested more than 18 people and seized 11 firearms. the hall included an assault rifle. those arrested are members of the case gang. they have been involved in some
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of the most violent crimes. >> we foretell a promise today that i made to this community back in october 0. we will use every legal means possible to identify those that are involved in violent crimes and bring them to justice. >> many agencies participated in tod today's raids. the raids are part of operation ceasefire, the city's ongoing anti-crime initiative. >> tonight another california agency is admitting to mishandling taxpayer funds. an internal review has uncovered millions of dollars being improperly spent by the california department of fish and wrild life. the money was supposed to remain in a fund used tore land purchases. instead, it was used on gift cards, operations, and maintenance. >> our field staff is stretched thin. they don't always have the resources they need to do their job. it's reasonable to think this was a way to fund department work.
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>> you may remember last year the state parks department made headlines after a discovery the agency had been sitting on more than $40 million even as the state was cutting certificaserv deal with the deficit. good news for anyone heading to southern california. highway 5 is open again after being closed for hours because of snow and ice. a late winter storm made travel treacherous. they closed the road at about 2:00 a.m. stayed closed until 9:00 this morning. here in the bay area clear skies, a sunny day. let's check in with rob mayeda. >> this, too, will begin to shut down probably the next four to six hours. meantime to the south, all the rain that we saw in san jose yesterday has, for the most part, moved off to the east around los angeles. you can see the grapevine. still a few showers there. this, too, will start to dry out as we get in through the weekend. between now and probably 10:00, that's good news.
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highway 50 south of yosemite may pick up another foot of snow. should be fine. you'll see snow on the sides of the road but we won't be adding to that snowfall saturday morning. right now we're seeing low 50s outside. mostly clear along the coast and some of the hill tops. wind speeds are still strong. 20 to 30 miles an hour across the bay. as we go into the future one more chance of seeing a few stray showers. a disturbance in the south bay right around 10:00 and 11:00. s santa cruz mountain foothills may see a few 0 pop-up showers. those winds will continue to clear out our skies setting us up for a warmer start. numbers already getting close to 70. those are the north winds picking up. saturday's high, parts of the north bay getting close to 70 degrees.
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sunday another warming trend as we go through the end of the weekend, possibly upper 70s in your seven-day forecast. when the warmest temperatures will arrive coming up in the next half hour. janelle, back to you. >> looking forward to it. thanks so much, rob. if you're looking to add color to your life, the magnolia blooms it at the botanical gardens are at their peak right now. curators say they began in january and are hitting their stride right now. >> remarkable about seeing a hillside full of giant pink and white flowers and some of these flowers are 12 inches across. >> they're gorgeous. the botanical garden home to 100 rare and historic magnolias. the trees will continue flowering the next couple of weeks. america's vets get a wound in their wallets. why education benefits for hundreds of thousands of soldiers are being cut off.
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pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. we sometimes forget about the people walking our neighborhoods delivering snail mail. ags joe rosato jr. shows us one neighborhood won't forget its mail carrier anytime soon. >> reporter: there are 499 customers on tracy's mail route. some have dogs. some are chatty. she knows almost everyone's name. >> i have one customer, he says we're family now. >> reporter: after logging the same route day after day, year after year, herron notices things. >> i have some customers that just don't like to pick up their mail, so i know those people and i know the people that pick up their mail every day. >> reporter: so when an elderly woman's mail began piling up this week on her route, herron
6:21 pm
got a strange feeling. >> when i'm delivering the mail on monday, there was mail there. so that was weird to me because she always picks up her mail every single day. >> reporter: after a couple days and even more mail, herron started knocking on doors in the neighborhood to see if anyone knew the woman. >> so i'm like, well, i think we need to get in there and see what's going on because something is wrong with this lady. i believe she's in there and she's not okay. >> reporter: so she had never even spoken to the woman before. her hunch was right. >> they called the police and the police came and luckily the back door was unlocked and she was in there on the floor and she had been there over three days. she had a stroke. >> reporter: thursday the paramedics took the woman to the hospital and herron went back to her mail. in this age of text and e-mail, news of her humane act spread like the pony express.
6:22 pm
>> well, you never know. yeah, that's a lifesaver for sure, what she did. >> just as a person, you know, look out for other people. >> reporter: herron says the woman is hospitalized in intensive care. she would like to visit if she could. it used to be she knew the name of all 499 customers on the route. safe to say all 499 now know hers. joe row sato jr., nbc bay area news. >> wow. she is a hero and a letter carrier everyone would love. still ahead at 6:00, the policy that protects predators? the push to stop sexual assault in the military. and north korea has shown little regard for international sanctions before. why would this time be any different? we take a look in tonight's reality check. plus -- a little later on we take you inside the wood side home of
6:23 pm
coco, the most famous ape in the world. how her quest for a baby and a family could help with the survival of her species.
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a stunning commentary on a long-standing problem in the military. former defense secretary leon panetta was the featured speaker at the office 0ers' memorial service yesterday. during his speech he revealed something about the officers' killer. panetta told the crowd jeremy goulet had been accused of rape while enlisted in the army but the case was never prosecuted. it's something critics say happens all the time across the armed forces. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live with more on what panetta said and what others are saying about it. kimberly? >> reporter: it was an interesting twist during the former secretary's speech. panetta talked about the long
6:26 pm
held belief sexual assaults in the military are dramatically under reported and under prosecu prosecuted. in this case, had the suspect been convicted of the crimes accused of, he may have been behind bars at the time of the shooting. during the funeral for two santa cruz police officers former secretary of defense, leon panetta dove into the suspect's background. >> we do know that he had a history of sexual violence both in and out of the military. and for whatever reason people somehow always look the other way. >> reporter: jeremy goulet was accused of raping two officers while in the army a. plea-bargain allowed him to walk away with a less than honorable discharge. >> at some point somebody pays a price. >> reporter: while the former secretary of defense never said it outright, many believe
6:27 pm
panetta implied that dismissed military case so many years ago had a ripple effect that may have ultimately led to the death of the two santa cruz police officers last tuesday. the problem, a sexual assault in the military, has been well documented and an issue panetta spent much of his time as defense secretary addressing. >> i thought secretary panetta was responding from his heart as a human being in responding to a crisis and a tragedy really in terms of how well we've taken care of the problem of sexual assault in the military and how the victims and the perpetrators of those sorts of crimes haven't been managed appropriately in past years. >> reporter: beth hillman, a law professor and the president of the national institute for military justice, says while much has been done to try to change military culture surrounding sexual assault cases, it's not enough. experts estimate that as many as 19,000 military women and men are sexually assaulted every year but only 13% ever report
6:28 pm
the attacks. many believe that is because the current system for prosecuting cases gives too much power to commanding officers. >> i think it's time to take this problem away from our military leaders and put it in the hands of independent prosecutors and investigators who can manage this without worrying about the impact on the reputation of the military. >> commanding officer is the judge and the jury. the commanding officer to pursue it, not to have itinvestigated. >> reporter: the congresswoman has introduced three bills and hopes a good ole boys network that in some cases protects predators. >> rapes will continue in the military, sexual assaults, sexual harassment, unless we take dramatic steps to change it. >> reporter: speier says she hopes the legislation will make it through this year. >> thanks so much, kim about berly. the army tuition assistance program has become the latest victim of sequestration. the approximately 200,000 soldiers taking courses through
6:29 pm
the program were told today they'll be able to complete their current classes, but beginning tomorrow new applications for future course work will be accepted. they will re-evaluate the decision should the budget situation improve. the military times says they spent $373 million for tuition assistance during the 2012 fiscal year. the announcement follows a simil similar. osama bin laden's son-in-law pled not guilty to charges that he conspired to kill americans. several republicans are upset saying he should be tried at gaun t guantanamo bay rather than blocks from the world trade center. he is accused of helping plot the september 11th terrorist attacks. he was recently captured heading from turkey to jordan. he will be back in court in early april when the judge is expected to set a trial date f. convicted he could face life in prison. the extravagant funeral of
6:30 pm
hugo chavez is under way right now. several world leaders including raul castro and iran's mahmoud ahmadinejad are among those attending it this service. the body of chavez will be permanently displayed in a glass tomb near the palace. he died from an apparent hard attack. could this be the last straw for north korea? the latest nuclear test has led to the strictest international sanctions ever issued. it's not the first time the u.n. has tried to sanction the rogue regime but this time u.n. ambassadors susan rice declared these will bite and bite hard but is that really true? in tonight's reality check, sam brock looks at whether rice or other leaders can claim the sanctions will really work. sam? >> we have been in the situation before. it's the fourth round of sanctions against north korea just since 2006. certainly it's been the most stringent to date, but the fact of the matter is that china is
6:31 pm
the only country that can make sure the sanctions are enforced. and since china hasn't been willing to take that step yet, it's real hard for ambassador rice to guarantee it will happen this time around. for a country determined to showcase its military might and test its nuclear power, north kcore yeah's antics are about t end. at least according to ambassador susan rice after a fresh round of u.n. sanctions. >> taken together, these sanctions will bite and bite hard. >> reporter: but will north korea bear the teeth marks of the bite? the most prominent think tanks in the country, the success of the sanctions are still conditional depending more on china's participation than anything else. >> this was always an isolated country and the reason why they managed to survive is because they get their fuel and food, a lot of it, from the chinese and the chinese let that continue to go and we have no sign at all
6:32 pm
they've ever held it up to pressure them in any way. >> there have been reports that their interpretation of what the sanctions require has been, shall we say, not strict constructionist but rather loose. >> reporter: experts agree china is pivotal because the country not only borders north korea to its north but screens its cargo, knows about its financial distractions and pyongyang gets 95% of its exports. they have shown no desire to fully enforce u.n. sanctions. >> it's quite clear that the support of china fully sanctioned is a new element. >> reporter: as experts and berkeley professor gerald rolling notes, the fact china helped author the sanctions this time around revealed they are losing patience with its ally north korea. it's far from a guarantee that china will fully enforce the sanctions and give teeth to ambassador rice's claim. >> it's quite possible that the
6:33 pm
chinese made a lot of noise and they supported openly the new sanctions which are much tight er. but that they may not enforce them completely or they maybe lack enforcement. >> we'll see if this is a change in china's behavior. highly unlikely these particular rounds of sanctions will change with what pyongyang is doing. >> there's another point experts are making here as well. the north korean regime has defensemenmonstrated it will st own people were y would another round prevent the government from continuing a program that is already so ingrained into the national identity? susan rice could be right the sanctions will bite but history tells us that's not the same case. i'm sam brock. >> thanks so much, sam. the mental benefits of chewing gum plus snacking pays off. how a love of pumpkin seed turned one man into a
6:34 pm
multibillionaire. and this friday evening still breezy around the bay area now. seeing temperatures in the 40s and 50s outside and there's one little speedbump on the way to this weekend warm-up. a chance after few isolated showers tonight. we'll show you exactly where and talk more about those 70s in the forecast coming up.
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want to improve your concentration. chew gum. chewing gum while performing lengthy tasks. one chewed, the other did not.
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researchers recorded how quickly and accurately participants could remember and repeat the figures. those who chewed gum were faster and more accurate than those who did not especially at the end of the task. the findings appear in the british journal of psychiatry. the winners of the lottery came forward today and the winners are massoud. he recently lost his job. the jlump sum will certainly coe in handy. he bought at the ticket at the heather farm shell station. he often stopped by to buy pumpkin seeds. this time he decided to use the $5 to buy lottery tickets instead of his favorite snack. he didn't even think to check the ticket until a friend called and told him where the ticket was sold. >> i rubbed my eyes again and again, really, maybe ten times. no, that's it. that's the one.
6:38 pm
so i was by myself at home and i started screaming by myself. >> his wife, a hairstylist, was back at work right after this news conference. the couple plans to start a business and use their winnings to help friends and family. they seem like a great family. they should take some time off. maybe this weekend, go outside. >> if they want ed to order up some warm weather, it's pretty nice. windy in san francisco. the sky is starting to clear. when will the 70s arrive in our 0 forecast? a look at that coming up. and i'm scott reiss. the warriors try to avoid three up, three down against a fellow playoff contender in the west. might there be pass help on the way are for the 49ers? hint, it's not another guy named smith.
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time is running out for coco the bay area gorilla. not only is she nearing the end of her baby making but is facing extinction. her handlers are searching for
6:42 pm
help. her quest to become a mom might help save her species. >> reporter: in the hills above wood side inside this old trailer, coco lives and eats almost like we do. >> there's tempe, aftvocado, gluten free crackers. >> reporter: penny patterson and ron cohn are the only parents coco's known. she's nurtured like a child and at 41 she's long been wanting her own child. >> coco has been wanting a baby and essentially asking for a baby for many years. >> reporter: yet again this past christmas the best they could do was a pretend doll. >> funny hair, yes. the baby's haircut is pretly silly, huh? >> reporter: coco began learning sign language 40 years ago. she also understands pictures and words. >> so those are all the options. >> reporter: when asked to choose the family she'd like to
6:43 pm
have, she points to drawings of a typical gore lal family in the wild with a dominant male and many females and babies. from "60 minutes" to cover stories in "national geographic" coco's intelligence and rich emotional life has drawn international attention. >> trouble, bad trouble, bad. >> reporter: when we visited, she was quick to sign and gestured for us to come inside. when we were all settled, she purred. and then proceeded with penny to open the gate. >> you are nice. you are. >> reporter: the danger of germs kept us separated. and your beautiful nose. >> i love you. >> reporter: although coco has a male companion at the compound, she hasn't yet had a baby. with her dolls, she has molded their fingers to make sign language. could she teach a real baby gorilla to sign? for that, penny says, they'd have to create a normal gorilla family. >> what we need is the rarest
6:44 pm
commodity on the planet. because there are so few, nobody wants to part with the baby, the female. >> reporter: gorillas are an endangered species n. africa they're slaughtered by the thousands for food. a small staff at the foundation are trying to stop the poaching using coco and they're re-inventing their organization. they're searching for a new executive director who they hope will help them raise money for a gorilla sanctuary in maui that would give coco the family she wants and provide a home for future generations of apes. >> she can can help. >> reporter: seeing her in action, penny says, can turn pred 0 tors into protectors. >> we're all apes. once they see the similarities, they go, oh, my gosh. they are just like us. >> reporter: and just like us, coco's strong quest for family may ultimately save her species.
6:45 pm
>> we hope she gets her wish. you can see more on our website. we have clips of her getting ready for her interview with suzanne shaw, another of her enjoying her lunch. those are on our website, rob mayeda is here live and in person. we're seeing really nice conditions around the bay area. if it wasn't are for the wind out there now, we'll show you a view outside, looking at san francisco, all the lights are up again. isn't that a gorgeous view? the camera is hanging on for dear life. that's mounted pretty well. temperatures now cooling after a day that did manage some mid-60s in the north bay. 65 there thanks to some north winds in santa rosa. most of the bay area upper 50s and close to 60. tomorrow we should see the numbers come up probably five degrees and a few more sunday. in san francisco and livermore, no difference from the
6:46 pm
tri-valley. good, strong sea breeze pumping in the cooler air. west wind at 20 in downtown san francis francisco. some gusts above 30 miles an hour at sfo within the last half hour. so tonight it will stay breezy at times. a slight chance of a stray shower around the south bay. we'll show that you coming up. during the day tomorrow mostly sunny. still gusty in the hills and high pressure builds back across the west coast. the radar is looking good. snow showers around the mountains and for the sierra maybe between the next few hours up to 9 inches of snow, down to yosemite. if you want to enjoy the two feet of fresh snow that fell, tomorrow looks pretty good. improving road conditions. notice these few sprinkles showing up. santa cruz mountains, also out to mt. hamilton, a convergence on setting up over the south
6:47 pm
bay. a weather system passing by to the east may give us a few isolated showers in the south bay until 6:00, 7:00 and then the cloud cover starts to break up as north winds continue to dry things out. part of the reason we're seeing now is high pressure building back behind that area of low pressure that brought us the rain yesterday and as that high steps up, we'll see a little bit of this on sunday, a lot more monday through thursday of next week. the valley soaring into the 70s and i do think areas south of san jose, morgan hill, down to gilroy and hols ter, mid to upper 70s by the middle part of next week. hour by hour for tomorrow, what you'll notice is those clouds for the morning but then sunny skies all the way through the weekend. high pressure not only preventing the low clouds from hugging the coastline but not much in the way of high clouds either to wrap up the weekend. 30s and 40s to wake up tomorrow morning as we look at the numbers in the 40s around san jose. extra cloud cover keeping your temperatures up for the morning and for the afternoon instead of the upper 50s we should manage some mid-60s near san jose.
6:48 pm
around antioch as we get back to oakland, 67 degrees, low 60s in san francisco and about 72 in s santa rosa for your saturday as the north winds pick up. so a steady climb here in our temperatures as we go through the next few days. the only difference about your forecast you might notice you're going to lose an hour of sleep, that's right. saturday night you're going to want to move the clocks forward one hour. give us that extra hour of daylight into the evening that will be nice and good timing. those 70s around, the evenings could be in the 60s. >> that's true. look at you. i look forward to losing an hour of sleep. thanks, rob. let's get to sports. we're going to talk baseball, scott reiss, hi. hi, janelle. inclement spring weather in arizona not good for baseball, not good for baseball players who want to go golfing. basically not good for the aura of spring training in general.
6:49 pm
the giants again had to battle hail today and not surprisingly the hail won. which, i guess, is better than the dodgers winning because that would be the dodgers' opponent this afternoon. first inning, two outs. barry zito on the hill and serving it up to his former teammate iribe. puts the dodgers up. zi zito, that's troublesome. one-hop over the wall. ground rule double. gave up three runs on four hits in one inning and then here it is. rain, hail, all kinds of stuff coming down 0. they did manage to play a little more baseball. hits bust er posey but he was fine. the bases loaded two outs. they called the game in the second. 4-0, dodgers. it wasn't official so the crowd is entitled to a refund or take their ticket stubs and pay $5 more and see action with team usa and mexico. the u.s. will begin its run
6:50 pm
tonight with a game against mexico. tomorrow they'll play italy and that guy, ryan vogelsong, will be on the hill. he has been a terrific cinderella story the last two seasons in the majors. this represents a whole new challenge. >> it's right up there for me as far as being in the world series, being in an all-star game, something that i dreamed about as a young kid growing up watching the olympics. a tremendous honor to be in this locker room with these guys and put this jersey on. i'm extremely excited for tomorrow to get here. >> home cooking does sit well with the warriors. 2-2 so far on this season long seven-game home stand. they will be tested tonight by the team right below them, the rockets, who, by the way, have owned them in two meetings this s season. >> it's a big game for us. an opportunity at home to play
6:51 pm
against a very good team that's in a battle as far as playoff position, also. it's a team that presents a lot of problems. they're a high scoring team with a lot of weapons. we'll be challenged but we're excited. >> we know they're a great three-point shooting team. they're not as good at driving the ball. they can do both, create some problems. at the end of the day if we come out here and play warriors basketball, how we're capable of playing, i think we'll be fine no matter what they do. 49er fans may want to file this name away, john abraham. he appears to have something left in the tank. released by the falcons, reportedly meeting with multiple teams including san francisco. the defensive end needs ten sacks to enter the all-time top ten in that category. and a little golf for you. second round of the cadillac championship. uv rays are bad for you. he's doing it right with the oversized cap. tiger the story. the approach on number 5 from 114 out.
6:52 pm
to within about two feet. he would birdie there. phil mickelson playing well. good for the game to have both in the hunt. tee shot on number nine. lefty likes it and he should. in fact, he can't believe it didn't go right in the hole. tiger putting on a putting clinic. bird on eight. you bet. he had nine yesterday, and here is another one on 13. perfect speed. great read. 17 birdies through two rounds. that's his most as a pro. i'd say he's locked in. he's up by two strokes and, remember, third round here on nbc bay area tomorrow. the final round as well on sunday. first round of the pac 12 women's basketball in seattle, as a matter of fact. the cardinal having 35-23 lead over washington state. at the half, janelle, full highlights at 11:00. >> see you then. thanks so much, scott.
6:53 pm
for a full half hour of sports coverage watch sports net central on comcast sports net bay area tonight at 10:30.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
hey, tgif. the weekend is here. >> still have one slight chance of a few showers i think around the santa cruz mountains. 10:00, towards midnight by mt. h hamilton. after sun rise tomorrow we start to clear out and dry out. the sign of things to come. near 70 and the warmest place to wrap up the weekend and how about mid to upper 70s? >> looks beautiful. thanks so much for joining us. have a great weekend and we hope to see you back here at 11:00. good night. ♪ roundup
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>> "extra, extra!" >> justin bieber's caught on camera meltdown. >> you're a piece of [bleep]. his ferocious clash in london after collapsing on stage. >> what is going on? he had a gas mask. >> what's pushing bieber on the brink? sofia vergara trying to start her own modern family? did she hire a secret surrogate to have a baby? what really happened to kelly osbourne hours after a seizure on the set of "fashion police"? we got co-star joan rivers. >> new video -- brave and valerie harper smiling today. >> a double whammy for "the view." joy behar quitting "the view." now is elisabeth quitting too? >> jodi arias' boyfriend, travis alexander, doing the chicken dance.
6:59 pm
today three top crime experts peek into the crystal ball. >> i think they're going to put her to death. >> i don't. >> then -- >> you guys remember who shot j.r.? >> three decades after tv's biggest cliffhanger, who shot j.r. this time? alec and hilaria breaking baby news. >> is it a boy or a girl? >> plus -- >> my special guest co-host mel b. is here and yes, it's rainy. but the show must go on. >> "extra, extra!" >> welcome to "extra" here at the grove on an unusually rainy day here in l.a. i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. it is great to be back here in new york, where we're at michael jordan's steak house n.y.c. alec and hilaria are breaking baby news. is it a boy or girl? >> but first, please welcome my special guest host, mel b. we'll talk about "america's got talent" coming up soon. but first, justin bieber got into a brawl with a photogra

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